Expertise to Address Our World’s Challenges

Ecolab operates at the cross-section of our world’s water, food, health and climate challenges. Our teams leverage decades of experience in the field, helping guide our organization through expert insights. Learn more about our areas of expertise and thought leadership in water and climate, food, health and digital innovation.

Two associates examining the contents of glass containers.

Water and Climate Experts

As our world grapples with a changing climate and water stress, Ecolab’s expertise helps businesses advance smart water management practices to support resilient operations, foster innovation and protect our world’s water supply.

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Food Safety Experts

A safe food supply is essential for feeding the worlds’ growing population. Ecolab works with companies around the globe to adopt food safety best practices, programs and solutions to help keep food and communities safe from farm to fork.

Pair of hands being washed under a running faucet in a restaurant or kitchen sink.

Public Health Experts

From the lab where we study emerging pathogens to the restaurants, hotels, and hospitals we eat, stay, work and heal, Ecolab brings comprehensive, science-based solutions to promote good hygiene in our customers’ operations and help prevent the spread of infection.

Ecolab Digital Innovation Experts looking at a computer screen

Digital Innovation Experts

Digital technology is at the center of transforming the way we do business. Ecolab helps our customers harness predictive analytics, remote service and real-time insights to achieve water and energy goals and maximize operational performance.

Ecolab Life Sciences Experts

Life Sciences Experts

Our Life Sciences experts are passionate about patient safety, customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance.