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Our innovative, integrated solutions help improve your products and positively impact your operations through greater asset reliability, decreased total cost of operation, improved operating and production efficiencies and machine performance operation. Our experienced team can help enhance your profitability and minimize environmental health and safety concerns.
Paper Plant
SuperWash™ Technologies Defined Value

Nalco Water SuperWash technology provides customers with the ability to maximize brown stock washing efficiency. To ensure the highest…



Pulp Paper Mill
Inorganic Scale Control

Pulp mills can experience considerable scale deposit problems. Forces that drive inorganic salts to precipitate from pulping and bleaching liquors.

Customer Success Stories

Forest Image
Nalco BDP1309™ Chip Penetrant Improves Operations

A Eucalyptus market pulp producer had seen a steadily increasing alkali charge requirement to produce pulp at target kappa levels due to the variety of species that were being utilized in the… 

Paper Plant Image
Brown Stock Wash Aid Program Saves in Annual Energy Consumption

An integrated kraft pulp mill in North America was suffering from reduced black liquor evaporator throughput due to high liquor foaming… 

Inside a paper plant
Bleached Kraft Pulp Mill Saves in Bleaching Chemicals

This mill had been running a competitive anti-scalant program for 4 years. The program was performing poorly, as the bleach plant had to shut down… 

Pulp Mill Additives

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